The First Harry Strange Novel Arrives!

Read the serialized novel on Kindle Vella. I am pleased to announce the first Harry Strange novel (Eternal Hearts) is available on Kindle Vella. Can Harry control a Fae queen, and stop an immortal acolyte of an old god from opening a portal and bringing the old god to earth? Episodes (Chapters) 1, 2, and … Continue reading The First Harry Strange Novel Arrives!

"Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls" Released

I'm excited to announce that Pro Se Press has published my novella,  'Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls', as volume 2 in their 'Ninth Circle' series. From the blurb: "Nurse Nancy Harrigan's Mercy Center is under attack by unknown forces while a virus is turning the denizens of the Ninth Circle into bloodthirsty rage monsters. With Detective … Continue reading "Night of the Bloodthirsty Ghouls" Released

Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon

For the first time in print, the first season scripts of The Harry Strange Radio Drama.A beautiful woman walks into Harry's office and asks him to recover some property stolen by her ex-lover. Harry surmises two things, she's not telling him everything, and she's rich. This is his kind of case. He takes the case, … Continue reading Harry Strange in The Stones of Solomon

My Interview with Earth Station One

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed on Earth Station One and now it's ready for your consumption.  I talk about Harry Strange and my geek fetishes. Check it out here: are the show notes: Welcome to Raw Is ESO! Once again, the ESO crew steps into the squared circle to discuss one of … Continue reading My Interview with Earth Station One