Wow! What a ride!

The sixth and final episode of Scarlett Hood wrapped last week and what a crazy trip, huh? What with a talking owl, trained bears, little piggies, nuns whose religion is based in empiricism, and, of course, our favorite red-head throwing sass at everyone. How about that ending--didn’t see that coming! I haven’t started writing season … Continue reading Wow! What a ride!

Year End Wrap-Up

Wow, that the most orange juice and toothpaste tasting year ever, amIright? Between viruses that some of our neighbors didn’t believe in, and Qspiracies that others did, it’s amazing we made it through 2020 with our personal ammo stores stocked even if our retail ammo stores were not. How about that toilet paper and disinfectant … Continue reading Year End Wrap-Up

Bring Scarlett Hood to a Radio Station Near You!

If you follow me on any social media (and if you don't, why not?), then you're familiar with my newest audio drama, Scarlett Hood, The Continuing Adventures of Lil Red Riding Hood! Well, sir, ma'am, and those who refuse to be gendered, I heard the first cut of the show the other day, and all … Continue reading Bring Scarlett Hood to a Radio Station Near You!