Flash Fiction: A Christmas Resolution

Sure–-let’s do a Fiction Friday again. This story was my first (and only) attempt at flash fiction and written on Christmas Eve a few years ago. As always, I encourage your comments. A Christmas Resolution by Tony Sarrecchia  Three minutes to midnight. I’d spent the year trying to stay off the big man’s list. Or … Continue reading Flash Fiction: A Christmas Resolution

Fiction Friday: Pop-pop’s Gift

Ooooo....spooky. Today begins an irregular feature on the blog called Fiction Friday. Mostly as an exercise for me to keep the pencils moving on short fiction that may or may not be tied to a larger project. I am thinking this may run once or twice a month to start. Today's story takes place in … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Pop-pop’s Gift

“No one has to go out if they don’t want to.”

“No one has to go out if they don’t want to.” Ahhh…the face of Lily-White Privilege raises its well-fed head from a cornucopia of overflowing pantries and boxed wines to lecture to the rest of us about what we can and cannot do. What Privilege neglects to mention is that a fair number of folks … Continue reading “No one has to go out if they don’t want to.”