Scarlett Hood is Live!!!

Glad we are finally up to a Wednesday after 26 days of Mondays. What with Q-balls storming the Capitol, and an Inauguration under the watchful eye of the National Guard, it was feeling a little like we were living in dystopian novel and; I gotta tell ya, guys my age don’t last long in those things unless we are very evil. I hope things settle down and 2021 is the boring aunt to the wild and reckless cousin of 2020.

The exciting (though not in ‘the world is ending way’) news is that my new radio adventure ‘Scarlett Hood, The Continuing Adventures of Lil’ Red Riding Hood’ is live! Episode 1 dropped last week, but given the future of Republic was in doubt for a moment, I waited until this week. I mean, what’s the point of having a radio/podcast if an EMP wipes out all communications?

Since the worst didn’t happen, we can celebrate with a heaping dose of Scarlett. As you read up there, Scarlett Hood is Little Red Riding Hood, all grown up. Yup, she’s an adult, and she flirts with the wrong side of the law regularly. She’s not a mobster or anything, but ever since she shot and killed notorious serial killer, BB Wolf, after he killed and ate her grandmother she’s become more fond of breaking the law that upholding it. By the time you read this, episode two will have already dropped and you’ll see just how much trouble our girl is in.

Produced by the Radio Theater Project (Link) in Mt. Vernon, Washington, and featuring Robyn Candelaria (Link) in the title role, Scarlett Hood season 1 is 6 episodes long and drops weekly on Mondays. It’s available for free on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Audible, and, if none of those suit you, the feed link for your favorite aggregator is below. All the episodes are rated E for Everyone and may contain some fantasy violence, fisticuffs, and drinking, but, and I promise, there are no eviscerations, we injure no orphans, and the dog doesn’t die, I don’t actually remember if there is a dog, but if there is, he’s a good boy who gets lots of treats and hugs and… ahem… sorry, back to it… Also, unlike Harry Strange, the language in Scarlett Hood is G-rated, nary a damn, shit, bitch, or ass in sight. All episodes run about 30 minutes.

One thing that would really benefit the team is your reviews on all places where you get your pods. The more reviews, the more likely Scarlett is to show up in searches which means more listeners, which means more seasons. If you’re not inclined to give reviews, that’s cool too, I just want to let you know how they help us.

As always thanks for reading and feel free to share on your social media.

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