Con Appearance: Multiverse October 16-18

Imma be at a con!

Well, a virtual con. I mean, the Plague of 2020 still holds us in its infectious, viral grip, and no one should be at a con with hundreds of attendees; but there’s no reason we can’t have nice things as long as we share them at a distance. The folks over at Multiverse Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention ( moved the con on-line and made it free! To take part, use Discord from the safety of your Lair of Geek and you’ll enjoy one of the finest cons in the Southeast. Not familiar with Discord? Follow the easy steps here: (I hear all the cool kids use it).

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you.


Meet and Greet:

Veterans of SFF: Discord channel #meet: Friday, October 16, 2020: 8:30pm EST



Discord Kaffeeklatsch reading room 3: Saturday, October 17, 2020: 1:00pm ESTTony will talk about all things AD, writing, producing, casting, promoting. This will be an audience-centric discussion so the topics will revolve around what the audience wants to hear. Interactivity is encouraged.



Justice in the Machine: With shows like Watchmen, Castle Rock, and Batwoman incorporating social justice issues of racial equality, refugees, and LGBTQ characters, respectively. This panel will examine how these shows balance the action and fictional story with the historical information and plotlines. Watch party on Discord channel #geek-sci-fi: Saturday, October 17, 2020: 5:30pm EST

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