The Week (or so) that Was


The last week and a half has been moderately productive, given that we are on day 922 of the Rona weirdness. First off, I wrote a little piece (No One Has to Go Out if They Don’t Want To) about our hill-billy governor deciding to open Georgia’s nail-salons, tattoo shops, bowling alleys and a couple of other places despite that Georgia had not yet met the CDC criteria for opening. We are currently holding breath (literally in some cases) in anticipation of the second wave. For those of you interested, the Georgia Public Health COVID-19 Status Report is here.


For folks who may not know, that handsome visage above (the one without the hat) belongs to Kellen Stennett, the voice of Harry Strange. What were Kellen and I talking about? Well, good sir, lady, or refused to be gendered individual, you will need to continue to watch this space for more information. I will say this, though: We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the Harry Strange Radio Drama: Feb. 7, 2011.

Speaking of Harry Strange, the entire run is now available (for free) on Spotify. It would help the cause if you’d head over there and give us a follow and a listen.


I was interviewed by Sarah Rose of GPB about working as a creative during the Rona.  She also talked to my friend, David Benedict, about his daily podcast, Mercury, A Broadcast of Hope. Mercury is a story about zombies, but, unlike the Walking Dead, these folks still have hope for the future and in their daily lives. Click on David’s name to read more. You can read the article here: A Radio Drama About the Zombie Apocalypse Gains Traction During Pandemic.

Scarlett title card 8x11 white rtp

I got to hear the table read of my new audio drama Scarlett Hood (a like of the Facebook page would be awesome). Since we are in the ole Rona, and we can not cram actors into a recording booth together, the producers have decided to try an online recording solution for the show. We did the table read in a Jisti room, and the actors were spot-on awesome. I cannot wait for you guys to hear this one.


Okay, folks, that’s it for this week. As always, there is more to come. I tweet kinda regularly at tonythescribe; my professional FB page is here, and I manage the Scarlett Hood Page and the Harry Strange Radio Drama Page. Check-in at any of those places to read the latest.