Moving forward on the Scarlett Hood radio series


Season One scripts of the Scarlett Hood radio series


Hey folks,

I hope all is well with you in these days of COVID-19. We are truly living in ‘interesting times,’ as the old Chinese curse goes, but I’ve no doubt about the resilience of humanity to push on and come out stronger on the other side. I also trust the doctors, and researchers will find a successful vaccine. And, then, we will be released from our shelter-in-place orders and won’t mind the 45-minute wait at our favorite restaurant.

While my news isn’t near as important as current events, I am pleased to announce that the Scarlett Hood radio series season one scripts (pictured above) are out with the beta readers! *Champagne bottle pops* If all goes according to plan, the producer will have the scripts in his hands this weekend or early next week and, after a few rounds of revisions, ‘Lil Red’ will go into production for a September 2020 release! *round of applause*

But how will the actors perform their roles AND keep a safe distance? That, gentle readers, is a post for another day.

Stay safe, stay at home, listen to podcasts.