Bring Scarlett Hood to a Radio Station Near You!

Scarlett title card 8x11 white rtp

If you follow me on any social media (and if you don’t, why not?), then you’re familiar with my newest audio drama, Scarlett Hood, The Continuing Adventures of Lil Red Riding Hood! Well, sir, ma’am, and those who refuse to be gendered, I heard the first cut of the show the other day, and all I can say is ‘damn!’: Outstanding performance by the cast, excellent direction, and a rich soundscape. You guys are gonna love it.

The pilot takes place in Grimmstown where our hero is in lock-up over a murderous misunderstanding. Scarlett, Lil’ Red, to her friends, is a little too comfortable crossing the legal line and has some–I dunno, let’s call them coping issues. I mean, she did kill Mr. Wolf after he ate her Grandmother, so, there is bound to be some psychological trauma after an event like that, right? Anyway, a corrupt DA makes her a deal: find the golden goose and return it to him, or die a messy, and painful death. And the story moves on from there.

Initially, the show will only be available via radio. The Radio Theater Project, the producers of Scarlett Hood and other radio dramas, create audio theater for radio broadcast. Each program is timed for a 28-minute time slot; which includes time for underwriting announcements, IDs, and other announcements. The programs are radio-friendly for any time of the day (yes, you in the back, even mine). All the shows feature a modern sound design that tells a straightforward story for easy listening in the home or car. The series is entering its 9th season of 22 episodes starting in the third week of January September 2020.

I share this because some of you work at radio stations and have hours of space to fill. Or maybe you’d like to see your local station show a little love for our favorite medium. Either way, have someone from your station contact Joseph McGuire at The Radio Theater Project ( When Scarlett Hood becomes available for download, I will be sure to mention that as well. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to be kept up to date on all the things happening here.

I want to thank Dorian of DorianDoodles for the awesome rendition of Scarlett Hood. I am certain he’ll be doing more illustration for me in the future. Also, shout out to Ryan Lessard for the haunting theme music.

See you next time!