One of the best writing FAQs on the Internet

I am often suspicious of the ‘experts’ who tout their method of writing, especially when their pedigree seems to be primarily start-up/now-gone companies, publications that are little more than glorified sales sheets, or contain the word ‘guru’.  In fact, a sure to guarantee that I will  not follow you, but I will also block you on Twitter is to have the words marketing, sales, or social media guru too close together.  But I digress.

This writing FAQ  is written by James Moran ,  a film and television writer who’s credits include: the horror flick Severance; as well sci-fi favorites Doctor Who (the current series, not the classic—the dude isn’t that old), Torchwood as well as some others.  Based on his blog, Moran seems like a very down to earth fellow and puts a human face on ‘the writer’.   Because of some ugliness of fans around the Torchwood: Children of Earth mini-series, Moran has stopped updating his blog but, thankfully, he’s left it up for others to read his nuggets of wisdom and silliness.

The post that I am linking to is one of the more thorough writing FAQs from someone in the industry.  Moran is specific that this was his experience and your mileage may vary. He talks about the way to break-in (‘it’s hard, but doable’) writing schedules, why you shouldn’t write a spec episode for your favorite show, as well some geeky behind the scenes stuff about Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Here’s the link.   Have fun!