Illustration Friday: Canned




Interesting word. It wasn’t until I was driving to the Corporate Behemoth this morning that I thought about things in a can. My son’s last band’s tag line was ‘better than sex in a can’. I thought about ‘Whoop Ass Creative’ in a can. But it wasn’t until I was watching Senator Obama on some news show that I thought sheesh, this guy is a great speaker–dynamic, enthusiastic, quick on his feet. Essentially all the things Senator McCain is not. This isn’t to say who is the better candidate, I don’t like either of them for different reasons. But if the election comes down to personality, as they often do, Obama will win.

Anyway, this illustration is about the heretofore unknown secret weapon in Obama’s medicine cabinet. The 3d can, background, and text, was created in Illustrator CS. The not-so-good likeness of Senator Obama was drawn in Flash.

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5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Canned

  1. I guess this product works on me, as I'm an Obama supporter– despite my usual cynicism about politics. By the way, you're right on the money about Dr. Strangelove– thanks for catching the reference!


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