Creative Writing Revelations

James Moran, writer of horror flick Severence, several episodes of Doctor Who, as well scripts for the closest thing to the X-Files since Season 7 of the X-Files, Torchwood has published a list of revelations about writing and the writing business that he wished he had known five years ago. Part practical–

Yes, most people/companies will probably only read the first ten pages (of your script) or so. Yes, this is unfair. Tough shit. Get over it. No, “the system” is not trying to keep you out, or crush aspiring writers, or give jobs to the chosen few.

and part inspirational,

They need you more than you need them. Movie and TV companies need writers, they need stories, they need scripts. They can’t do anything without you. You generate your own scripts, you create stuff from nothing, out of your head. It all comes from you. Yes, the finished product is a collaboration. But you can’t collaborate on a fucking blank page.

this is a highly recommended read for anyone considering a screenwriting/creative writing career. You should go read it here, now.

As an aside–if you’ve ever been forced to endure an ‘off-site’ team-building event, you will find Severance a slashing good time.