Retro Sketches

I really like the ‘retro’ look of The Fairly Odd Parents, Dexter’s Lab, and similar, so I picked up Cartoon Cool by Christopher Hart and started practicing. Here are some sketches based on the exercises in the book (except for the water bottle and that first one in the upper left corner 🙂 ).

4 thoughts on “Retro Sketches

  1. Very cool! Fun to take a peek at other people's sketchbooks. I love those retro cartoons too! Good job.Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments.


  2. Hi Tony, These are fun. I like the playful look of your line. I sometimes copy cartoons from \”The New Yorker.\” I call it my graduate school training. Emulating someone else's style is a great way to discover your own. Keep drawing. PS: Thanks for commenting on my \”Baby with the Bathwater\” drawing. I'm very much a beginner, so any praise goes a long way.


  3. Yeah, nice stuff, the \”retro\” look is cool, and worth studying. If you haven't seen it yet, you might be interested in \”Cartoon Modern\” it's a great book!


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