Final Cut Express HD, Sweeny Todd and other stuff.

So…it was a good haul yesterday. Got Final Cut Express HD. It doesn’t seem as intuitive as Sony Vegas was so I am open to suggestions for books or tutorials. The freaking install was almost 45 minutes.

Saw Sweeny Todd–DAMN. Beautifully shot. Johnny Depp rocked. Helen Bonham Carter can sing. Gallons of blood. And pie. What more can one ask? Go see it. Seriously, stop what you are doing and go. Now. You will like it.

And what of the Nightfalls Podcast ( you may ask? Well, sir or ma’am, I have not been slacking. The script White Lady, a outright horror tale about an evil bride, is final. As is the The Replicant, a three part sci-fi script. Additionally, the first episode of a hard-crime/dark fantasy script is complete. I like the main character so I think he is going to stick around for a while. Auditions will start after the first of the year. I am torn between having a local cast or going the remote cast route. There are pluses on both sides. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I am certainly open to them.

I also discovered that my regular mini DV camera, when hooked up via firewire to The Doctor (that would be the powerbook) makes a nifty little webcam. Probably not news to you techno-geeks out there, but I was pretty darn surprised. I shot this pic of yours truly this morning. Before coffee.

Have a great day.