Night Falls Podcast

Ok, as some of you may or may not know, I am really caught up in this podcasting thing. So much so that I have written six episodes of a dark fantasy story that I plan on producing soon. My target date was to release the first episode on Halloween and run until Christmas, then start up with new episodes in February. However, I’ve been somewhat leisurely in the revision process (and finishing up the final few episodes) so I’ve decided to go public with the plan. I will keep an update of weekly progress here so my 2 or 3 readers will be able to watch how a the podcast progresses from just a thought to final version. My triad of readers will also be able to smack me around (in a virtual sort of way) if I don’t post regular progress reports.

The podcast, working title: Night Falls, revolves around a town where unexplainable things happen quite often. Most of these are supernatural, but there is the occasional sci-fi adventure tossed in as well. Some characters are in a single episode, some in multipart of the same story, and others are links throughout the series. There may or may not be a season long arc…but that would be in addition to the self contained stories. I’m thinking a season will be between 7 to12 30-45 minute episodes released every two weeks. As such, I need to always have at least 6 episodes in the can to meet the ‘air date’ schedule.

I am revising two stories today: the 3 part sci-fi story ‘The Replicant’ and the stand alone horror ‘The Bride/White Lady’. All the stories are told in OTR (old time radio format) with characters, announcers and side effects. This is as opposed to a book-on-tape format of having me read the stories to the listeners. I will be auditioning voice actors in the next few weeks as well. Since this is a labor of love for me, and I am already out a $500 dollars on equipment (mics and mixers), and will probably spend more promoting the podcast, no one gets paid. I’ll handle all the legal stuff myself as well as the graphics, PR, etc. If, at some point this thing makes any money, most of that will go back into promotions. If it makes a fair amount of money, and by that I mean I get to recoup all my costs, then the talent will be paid. If it makes a lot of money, then I’ll get paid also. Seems fair. If that sounds reasonable to you and you live in the Atlanta metro area, let me know if you are interested in taking part as voice talent. Talent will receive cds of their performances and well as promotional links on the Night Falls web site and promotional spots within the podcast itself.

The Nightfalls Productions website is up, albeit a little thin, but you’re welcome to visit it and let me know what you think–it’s here If you’d like to be notified when this blog is updated, sign up in the sidebar.

As with anything else on this blog your comments are encouraged and appreciated.