Skecth of the Captain

Or, “How the Captain Got His Name”

This was the initial sketch for Captain on IFriday. My wife and I were sitting in the Starbucks at Towne Center whilst our teens were wandering around with their friends. She was helping brainstorm for the entry and she mentioned the Captain and Tennille, an adult contemporary band from the 70s. This idea sprung to mind and I sketched in out in about 5 minutes.

After much debate I decided to go with the logo concept above, but couldn’t resist sharing this as well.

How the Captain of the Captain and Tennille, got his name. Cartoon illustration by Tony Sarrecchia.

3 thoughts on “Skecth of the Captain

  1. ha ha!! yes, muskrat love! i grew up with them on tv as a kid–good, funny stuff! believe it or not, they popped in my had as well for a minute or two when i saw the prompt.


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