Illustration Friday: Polar (Opposites)

I took a little artistic liberty with the Illustration Friday word this week because I didn’t get this piece completed in time for last week. The funny thing is, the idea for Fortune popped into my head shortly after Penelope sent out the email. I procrastinated until this weeks email. It seemed like this was the second chance for this piece; after all, what better polar opposites than Donald Trump and Mother Teresa?

Fortune/Polar was done in Illustrator CS2 using Live Trace, the rectangle tool and the paintbrush.

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8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Polar (Opposites)

  1. Thanks for stopping by and comment my firts post to Illustration Friday. Like you sad, (and I think the same), all comments are very encourageus.I like your style, an the ideia Fortune/Polar it's great!M.(sorry! my English is very bad…)


  2. Einstein said something along the lines of at the end of our lives we should be judged by how much we gave, not how much we managed to get. Your illustration makes that point nicely. Nice idea!


  3. Such a great message and such a great illo!I like the way you play with black and white backgrounds and shapes!!Have a great week-end!!


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