Dick Cheney, the girls, and Google’s Adsense

Regular readers will recall that last week’s Illustration Friday entry was about roaches rising up and fighting the man; defending their freedom to infest; holding that they, while just roaches, still had dignity. Ok, technically, it was just a cartoon spoof of Braveheart, but all art has to have a deep serious meaning or thousands of art professors will be out of work.

Anyway, in the context of that ‘toon, I mentioned how roaches and lobsters were phylum cousins and questioned if their taste would be similar. I even mentioned Lobster Fest. Of course, as most of you commented the thought of eating lobster wasn’t as appealing after the roach relation was discovered. Google’s Adsense on the other hand, did not make such an association. Nope, when I logged in this morning every one of the ads at the top of this page had changed from the usual Adobe/Corel/Illustrator ads to four ads touting the tastiness of lobster. Apparently, context is not part of the algorithm for Adsense. It is actually funny until you think about the poor schmuck who is paying for those ads….

Sure is a good thing I didn’t mention anything about lesbians hunting for Dick Cheney, huh? No telling what type of ads that would generate.

2 thoughts on “Dick Cheney, the girls, and Google’s Adsense

  1. I do hope you'll inform us if there are any new, frighting ads that somehow relate to both lesbians and Dick Cheney. 😀 They are bound to be hilarious.Well, anyway, I'm glad I don't really like lobster. I do like crab though and I bet those are related too. 😦


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