Illustration Friday: Glamour

Glamour Illustration by Tony Sarrecchia.  Girl wearing a little black dress.

Wow…is it Thursday already?

Not a lot of time to work on personal projects this week, but I wanted to get something in before it was too late (personal goal: participate in 50 IFriday challenges this year). This was done in about an hour using a mouse and Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer.

As always, your comments are encouraged and appreciated.

20 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Glamour

  1. hehe…this was actually stylish in the 90s…at least around here.I'd see girls in dresses, wearing combat boots. I thought it was pretty cool, in a way, and if I'd been younger, would probably have followed the fad.I like the red on black. my favorite combination. This is a cute illustration – simple lines, a cute appealing face…trim ankles, lol. I like it. I like it.


  2. LOVE it!…LOVE the red shoes…and, if I didn't know better…this looks like an illustration of my daughter who has taken kindly to wearing only black and high tops! LOL! (who created Hot Topic anyhow?)…Great illustration!


  3. Seems like the perfect way to top off another IF week; with red high tops. Sort of look like those cool wrestling boots. Kept looking for your post and didn't see it. Glad you stopped by mine, so I knew you were posting. This is great… agree with comments above: red and black combined is bold and provocative. Here's a toast to another week.


  4. Nice character! It's cool to hear that you are using the mouse to draw, thats all I use on my digital work as well. Maybe someday I will wise up an pick up a Wacom. Cool goal to hit 50 IFs this year… Let the creativty run wild!!!!


  5. Tony, Thanks for your nice comment on my artwork for IF: chair. I am glad you left me a note because I had missed seeing your Glamour entry. I really like it! She has attitude…Comfort comes first.That's Class! 🙂


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