I’ve been tagged.

Lyn and Gina tagged me to share 20 random things and then tag some others.

1. I need to loose about 30 pounds.
2. I love sushi.
3. I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility that a Matrix-like reality isn’t as far fetched as we’d like to think.
4. Evangelical Christians and Baptists piss me off.
5. Thank God for spell check.
6. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
7. Any time I dance I set the “white guys who can dance movement” back 10 years.
8. I love old electronic gear, cameras, radios, etc…
9. I wanted to write comic books when I was in high school.
10. I met Stan Lee in an elevator at Marvel when I was 16.
11. Over 300 comic books in my collection were destroyed by a flood in the mid 90s.
12. I studied Teoul Moon Kung Fu for one year.
13. I studied Tai Chi on and off for 5 years.
14. I was invited to appear on the O’Reilly Factor when I said in a published column that Bill was wrong and acting like a fascist.
15. I love shopping for books, computers, and art suplies.
16. I watch more news than I should.
17. I vote in every election.
18. I think the truth is somewhere between NPR and Fox News.
19. I’ve been playing computer games since 1978.
20. I’ve embraced my inner geek.

Now I get to tag some folks…

Alina Chau

7 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged.

  1. You rock, Tony! I really enjoyed reading your facts…very cool stuff here:> You know…if you went on a sushi diet, those 30 pounds would come right off! I think you should write a comic book..you could post it here for all of us to enjoy:>


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