Illustration Friday: Lost

“Lost Without You”

My wife suggested this treatment of Illustration Friday’s challenge of the ‘lost’ theme.

As always, your comments are appreciated.

34 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Lost

  1. ooh man. that is sad. but well . most of the time 'lost ' is a sad situation. great work!and thank you SO much for all your great comments!!


  2. I like the swirling effect in the background, it helps pull the eye into the character and grave stone. And the black/white/grey tones all work together to make the feel of sorrow.


  3. Perhaps this is not the response or idea you intended, but when I saw this illustration, I immediately thought of Juliet weeping over the supposed death of Romeo – the dark sorrow suggested in your illustration also speaks of the woman's own doom… but that's just my response! 🙂 Thanks also for your comments on my blog! I appreciate the time you took to post!


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